The Authentic Soul



In today’s world, we keep hearing the word “authentic” so frequently with respect to music, recipes, movies, ideas and what not! We crave for authentic cuisines and love to indulge in authentic artworks. We come across questions like “Is that piece of news authentic?” , “Is this your authentic recipe?” From photos and videos to books and designs, everything falls under the copyright umbrella. Among all these myriad entities, do we ever search for our authentic selves?

We all come from different backgrounds which can be traced back to time immemorial. We are a result of our upbringing and the values we cultivate along the way. On a deeper level, each one of us is authentic in our own right. However, often, we mask our authenticity behind the unauthentic persona which we create just to “fit in”. Sometimes circumstances compel us into doing things which we don’t like and sometimes we consciously choose to do so. We do what we do to get through life with as much ease as possible.

It is so important to keep that inner authentic-self alive in some form or the other. You may have a hobby which you can cultivate and express your talent in some form or the other. If you like to cook prepare a delicious recipe and satisfy those taste buds! It is okay to cry and it okay to be angry, if you cannot express your emotions in public at least let them out when you are alone. Bottling up all emotions for longer periods will take a toll on you eventually. So be kind to yourself and recharge your soul. Please don’t cultivate negative habits and thrive on negative things. Eliminate all the harmful and toxic thoughts, feelings and emotions and heal yourself. Let your authentic inner-self thrive and flourish. When you nurture yourself you can nurture others more efficiently.

Smile and Peace 🙂

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